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Welcome to USA In-Home Hearing

We are passionate about your hearing. We take great joy when we see residents of the great state of Washington rediscover their hearing, reconnect with family, and see what they've been missing.

We know that you are unique, and so is your hearing. That means if you have a hearing loss, you will require a solution tailored specifically to your needs. We have the skills and the technology to provide just that. Best of all, we can bring it to your home!

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What Do We Do?

Our services include, but are not limited to:

In addition to hearing aids for the greater Everett and Bellevue areas, we offer a wide selection of custom hearing protection including musician’s ear plugs, which are a great way to protect your hearing if you attend music events regularly.

We also offer CaptionCall—a phone service that not only amplifies the call, but also has a screen where you can read what the other person is saying. These are a great safety feature for anyone experiencing hearing loss.

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Home Visits

Do you find it difficult to travel? Do you have a family member who prefers healthcare from the comfort of their home? Not to worry; as our name implies, we are happy to travel to you, and to provide expert hearing healthcare right there in your house. We serve Everett, WA, and the greater Puget Sound area. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

Identifying Hearing Loss

There are a lot of different signs to look for in hearing loss, but not everyone notices the signs. The person living with hearing loss oftentimes doesn’t even know that they are experiencing it, since most hearing loss is gradual. Early signs of hearing loss can include having to ask people to repeat themselves often during a conversation, feeling like people mumble all the time, or turning the television louder than other people like it.

During your exam we will determine if you have hearing loss and the type of hearing loss that you have. Different types of hearing loss are caused by different areas in the ear. Some could actually be a medical referral that might be medically or surgically corrected. If there is nothing that can be done medically, that’s where hearing aids come in. Whatever type it is, we will make a recommendation for your next steps.

Auditory Deprivation

The sooner someone gets hearing help, the easier the adjustment to hearing better will be and the better the results will be. If someone waits until their hearing loss is severe it takes longer for their brain to get used to hearing well again. It is always recommended that someone gets hearing aids sooner rather than later, as the process is easier and the results are better.

If someone waits too long to get hearing aids, hearing aids will provide more noise and not more clarity as the brain won’t process the sounds anymore. At that point hearing aids won’t help. Once we give them the amplification it’s louder, but it’s not clear. The brain just isn’t processing sound well anymore, and that is an important component of hearing.

“Ann is amazing! She listens to all your needs and is very informative about the whole process to get you hearing better! I know from experience that she truly cares for each and everyone of her clients, is very knowledgeable and passionate about hearing health. I would trust her to help any one of my friends and family members in their journey to hearing better because I know they would be working with the best of the best. I also love that she comes in-home for appointments, it really helps out a lot because it is one less place that I need to go to with all the appointments I already have!”

~ Yolanda N.

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USA In-Home Hearing in the Community

We love our community. Whenever possible, we aim to be part of events where the discussion of hearing healthcare may be applicable. We recently volunteered during the White Cane Days for the Lions Club Sight Foundation. Additionally, you may find us at local health fairs.

We also provide the occasional Lunch & Learn event, to help educate the Puget Sound community about their hearing, free of charge. As future dates are available, we will post them here on our website.


Committed to Continuing Education

To make sure we offer our clients the very best service and technology, we attend hearing healthcare trainings to discuss and explore new advancements in the industry. We recently attended an Oticon training event in Charlotte, NC. We learned more about how we can stay ahead of the competition, while still providing our clients with the high-quality care and services they are accustomed to.

Exclusive Offer: Secure 4-Year Warranty

We are proud to carry the EarQ brand of hearing aid, which allows us to offer the best hearing aid warranty around, the Secure 4-Year Warranty. Take care of your investment! The warranty covers repairs for a full four years, which is significantly better than the standard two or three year warranty offered by most hearing aid providers. The warranty carries to the rest of the United States as well; any EarQ provider in the US can service your EarQ hearing aids, free of charge. Ask us about this during your appointment!

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Everett Location

3125 Colby Ave, Suite A
(Colby Professional Center)
Everett, WA 98201

Bellevue Location

11900 NE 1st Street, Suite 300
(Regus Ridgewood Corporate Square)
Bellevue, WA 98005

(425) 378-6586

MON-FRI 9:00am - 5:00pm
(Or by Appointment)

We will come to you! Ask us about home visits.



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